Dome 8'x12' frame

Part Description Part Number

Price Each

Replacement Top - Blue DMT0812HBL $129.95
Replacement Top - Green DMT0812HGR $129.95
Replacement Top - White DMT0812HWH $129.95
Replacement Frame DMFO81200W $149.95
Outer Leg DMPOL1484W $19.50
Inner Leg DMPIL1489W $15.50
Truss w/Truss Cap DMPTR1491W-TC $8.50
23" Truss w/Truss Cap DMPTR1493W-TC $8.50
4-Hole Truss w/Truss Cap DMPTR1492W-TC $8.50
5-Hole Truss w/Truss Cap DMPTR1494W-TC $8.50
Outer Leg Cap DMPLC4375
Outer Leg Slider DMPLS0000 $5.50
Clip Holder DMPCH4375
Pole Holder DMPPC4375
Truss Cap INPTC0000B
Truss Washer INPWS0000 $.50
Fiberglass Rod w/Center Cap & Outer Leg Cap DMPTP4375-1 $20.00
Fiberglass Rod & Middle Connector Rod 
w/Center Cap & Outer Leg Cap
DMPTP4375-2 $20.00
Fiberglass Rod w/Ferrule w/Outer Leg Cap DMPTP4375-3 $18.95
Peak Dome Cap INPPC1204B $3.00
Top Attachment Hook INPTH0000 $2.00
J-Hook Top Attachment INPTH1293 $3.95
Carry Bag - Black EPACB1433BK $49.95

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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