Which E-Z UP® Instant Shelter® do I own?

If you are looking for an accessory or a replacement part for your E-Z UP® Instant Shelter®, you have to know what model you own.  Some people have trouble figuring out which E-Z UP® Instant Shelter® product they own.  And, of course that hurts our feelings, since we equate that to forgetting the name of one of your kids.  So, we thought we would help you out a little in remembering the name of your child, we mean, your E-Z UP® Instant Shelter®.

The easiest way to find your model is to look on the box.  Don’t have your box anymore?  Shame on you for throwing that out—we spent a lot of time making that box. 

Most of our products have their model name on the unit.  If you can’t see a name, then you may be able to identify your model from its shape or top color.  You should check out our “Help me choose the E-Z UP® Instant Shelter® that’s best for me page for new buyers.  There is a lot of information and photos on the different types of E-Z UP® Instant Shelters® we sell.

Another way to determine which model you own is to look on your Owner's Manual.  Each of our Owner's Manuals has the name of the model. You may also call Toll Free, 1-888-350-6370 and discuss which shelter you have with one of our expert staff members.

Now, once you figure out which E-Z UP® Instant Shelter® you own, please write it down and stick it in your wallet next to your kids’ pictures.  After all, we are like family.

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Last Revised: August 13, 2007