Single Burner Tent Heater #9174 for EZUP Shelters

The safest tent heater ever! Simply place the heater outside the tent and insert the air tubes into the tent.  A small fan (hidden inside the cold air duct) connects to any 12 volt battery. In just seconds safe, dry hot air flows into your tent. Designed with a sealed heat exchange keeping dangerous gases and smelly odors safely outside the tent. Includes hard case for extra protection during storage and transport.


Our Price:   $134.95

Product# 9174
Description Tent Heater with hard case and 12 volt fan
Features Provides unlimited SAFE heat instantly
10,000 BTU will heat 4-6 person tent in under 10 minutes
Comfortable - increases input air temperature in second
Rugged plastic case stores system between uses
 Case lid detaches to secure propane cylinder
 Powerful 12 volt blower provides great air flow (requires 12 volt battery)
Connects to all 12 volt batteries or power source
 3 ft flexible input & output accordion style hoses delivers hot air
 SAFE design - heater stays outside, no carbon monoxide enters tent
Enjoy 3 to 8 hours of heat with one 16 oz propane cylinder
 Great for tents, ice fishing & RVs
 Rugged plastic hard case stores system between use and transport
 Stainless steel burner construction for extra durability
MSRP $149.95         OUR PRICE:   $134.95
Weight 9 lbs
Box Size 14 x 12 x 12

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Last Revised: August 13, 2007